Mural Innovation Fabrik Berlin

July, 2016

  • Inspiration

    "Toute mon ambition sur le plan pictural consiste à matérialiser avec la plus impérialiste rage de précision les images de l’irrationalité concrète." Salvador Dali,  La conquête de l'irrationnel, Éditions Surréalistes, 1935.


    subnet (subnetwork) A subnet (short for "subnetwork") is an identifiably separate part of an organization's network. Typically, a subnet may represent all the machines at one geographic location, in one building, or on the same local area networkThe Internet is a collection of networks whose users communicate with each other. Each communication carries the address of the source and destination networks and the particular machine within the network associated with the user or host computer at each end. What if we could visualize their thoughts?