July 2021
Art dimensions: 4860x6000px – size: 35.8 MB

Physical artwork and NFT – Presented in the first hybrid exhibition: “Indecision Tree” in october 2021 at Schwab Beaubourg Gallery, Paris.

Each artwork is available in limited edition of 3, in NFT here and printed on canvas mounted on frame,  handwritten signed and numbered. One for each size.
– Small : 65x54cm – 26×21 inches
– Medium : 92x73cm – 36×29 inches
– Big : 116×89 cm – 45×35 inches
Check availabilities: https://sites.google.com/view/indecision-tree/accueil


A tree is a datacenter
A tree is a memory
A tree is a sculpture
A tree is a fluid
A tree is a network
Tree is communication
Tree is energy
Tree is time
Tree is thought
Tree is poetry

In computer science, a decision tree is a tool widely used in machine learning.