I’m interested in the artificialization of everything – the landscape, our environment, our social relations, our beings – and soon the automation of our thoughts in a world where the boundary between simulation and reality is becoming increasingly blurred.

My process begins with digitizing various forms—plants, landscapes, and sculptures—using photogrammetry or 3D scanning techniques. I preserve only the polygonal mesh of these objects to reveal their digital structure. Then, I recompose this digital layout using 3D software.

The resulting wireframe drawing is transferred to paper or canvas using a “pen plotter” robot, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Next, I reinterpret these tracings with paint, creating a cycle of real, virtual, and real again—a fusion of simulation, robotics, and painting.

There’s a dialogue between ultra-precise digital and robotic tracings and the human touch of hand and brush intervention. The accidents of painting blend with the precision of robotic tracing and algorithmic complexity, resulting in a unique fusion of elements.

Through this process, I confront automation by introducing elements of error and poetry that distinguish us from machines.


I studied at the Beaux-Arts of Lille (north of France), then at the Beaux-Arts de Douai and finally at  the École Supérieure d’Art du Nord-Pas-de-Calais from which I graduated (MFA) in 1988.

Having been trained as a painter, I delved into new media art from an early stage. As far back as 1992, I contributed to the rise of generative art in France, creating works using algorithms and sensors. Among them were my “programmed paintings,” showcased at groundbreaking events and now featured in the inaugural digital museums of and

I taught digital art at the  École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy .
I also taught at the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci Paris La Défense, at the research laboratory of the Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia, where I collaborated on research related to artificial intelligence and robotics.

I have travelled extensively and met with a wide community of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and artists in the United States, Asia and Europe.

My work has been exhibited in Miami, San Francisco, Berlin, Beijing, Abou Dhabi, Paris, Saint-Tropez…

I also create commissioned pieces for private companies in France and abroad.


2023 – Métaculture – Digital Art Center – Paris

2023 – Hôtel Royal Monceau – presented by Danae Gallery – Paris

2022 – Domaine Ott – presented by Lise Braun Collection Gallery – Saint-Tropez

2022 – “Digital Landscape”- Lise Braun Collection Gallery – Saint-Tropez

2022 – “NFT PARIS” – first edition – Paris

2021 – “NFT Saint-Tropez” – Lise Braun Collection Gallery – Saint-Tropez

2021 – “Indecision Trees” – Schwab Beaubourg Gallery – Paris

2021 – Virtual exhibition – Lise Braun Collection Gallery – Metaverse

2019 – “CONTEXT Art Miami” International Contemporary Art Fair – Lise Braun Collection Gallery – Miami

2019 – “Virtual Landscapes”, Lise Braun Collection Gallery – Paris

2018 – “Bored before flying” – presented by Daylighted Gallery –  International Airport of San Francisco

2016 – “L’art d’imaginer les futurs” – Digital Village – Paris

2016 – “How Technology is Revolutionizing the World of Art” – PARISOMA – San Francisco


2023 – Digital animation KAPAH , Abou Dhabi

2017 – Mural, Aden Group Headquarter, Beijing

2016 – Mural,  Infosys, Innovation Fabrik, Berlin